My two boys are growing up fast, they’re young men and soon to be adults. I grapple with the question… have I been a good enough father more often than I’d like to admit.

I’m guessing if you’re a parent, you might ask yourself the same thing occasionally or is it just me?

Do you catch yourself on the phone when you should be listening to them or engaging them in conversation? Do you find yourself at times more absorbed with work, social media or other stuff that will probably mean very little in a year, a week, even an hour from now like a stupid Facebook update or the number of Instagram likes you’ve accumulated on a recent post?

Have you ever wondered what your kids really feel about you… I have. Do you know what they’d answer if someone they were comfortable with asked them what you really meant to them. What they love most and what they’d change if they could. What it is that makes you special and what they wouldn’t change for the world.

What about their siblings – if yours are anything like mine, there is the odd argument and not a lot of love shown but deep down, I know it’s there – I know each of my boys would do anything for the other if need be.

Imagine. Seriously, just imagine having those thoughts, feelings and emotions recorded in a hand designed, fine art book. A book you can pull out on birthdays, happy days, sad days or just when you feel like reminiscing.

Recorded alongside their words is a series of images that show who they really are in their environment – raw, emotional, happy, sad, vulnerable, enthusiastic, excited, serious, stressed or whatever it is that defines some of their personality right now.

Now imagine holding that same book but with words and images from each of your family members – with words shared by each of them about each other and life right now. And photos, beautiful black and white images showing who you and your family are, not just what you look like.

No matter the state of your home, your fitness or your finances, there is no reason why this moment, right now in your life is one you won’t look back on in ten years time and wish you weren’t living again.

Life is too short to wonder what if or I will when…

Sure, chase your dreams but live in the moment. Cherish what you have right now and record what’s important to you.

Better yet, ask me to do it professionally and beautifully. I promise you will end up with a book you will treasure more than any procession in your life.